By changing a few factors in your dressing, you can go from looking average to looking absolutely bold and sexy. This write up is about top  tricks and hacks when it comes to choosing and wearing t shirts. This article is your ultimate t-shirt fashion guide for men before buying a men’s T-shirt from anywhere.

Firstly you have to understand the t shirt maturity scale. On this scale we have got young on one side and mature on the other side. Ideally you got a dress according to your age. So, you if are still in college you can afford to dress a little bit more on the young side but when you are age above the 22 then you want to dress slightly higher up on the scale you want to look slightly older now.

Tip 1:

What makes you look younger or older in tshirts are two primary factors firstly whether the t shirts has got a pattern or whether its plain. Secondly, whether the t shirt is bright and colourful or its dark or white in colour. Remember a darker color like Navy Blue or Black makes you look older and bright and vibrant color like pink, yellow or sky blue with a lot of patterns or graphic makes you look younger. So, if you combine these two factor ,leads to an average looking tshirt that means if you pair a dark tshirt which has a graphic pattern, it does not make you look old or young and similarly if you wear a plain t shirt that is bright in colour once again it does not really make you look old or younger but a bright coloured t shirt that has a lot of patterns going on it will make you look young and a dark plain t shirt will make you look a lot more mature. So ground rule is if you are above the age of 22 its alright to dress higher on this scale to look a little bit older but if you are still below 22 you can wear bright colour with graphic pattern on it.

Tip 2:

Always wear the t shirt with graphic pattern having only two color’s on it. It means, if your t shirt is of white color then the design should be of black colour or any one colour which is suitable to white colour. Always remember that two colour means base color of the t shirt and the other one is graphic design’s colour. If you want to wear three color pattern t shirt then keep in mind that the third colour should be always just to bring out the beauty of that design it should be minimalistic. Many times, youth choose the pattern which have dominating third colour which messes the look of that pattern and t shirt.

Tip 3:

Avoid using t-shirt with visible brand logo. Suppose you have worn sober plain t shirt with the logo on it that logo takes over all the beauty of that t shirt. You must have seen that people in our society judge people by their appearance and by what brand they have worn. It’s a common tendency of our society that if you wear any budget friendly brand’s t-shirt people will say what a cheap t-shirt he has worn, seems some financial problem is there in his life, on the other side if you flaunt wearing any expensive branded tshirt they will say that “what a show off”. So, it is always suggested to wear t shirt without logo, Plain T-shirts adds elegance to the t-shirt. Because simplicity is beautiful and is trending these days.

Tip 4:

Finding the perfect size and fitting of the t-shirt. Before going into the size, we should keep in mind the thumb rule of being fit. Being fit does not mean to be gym addict or body builder but to have a perfect balanced body, nice biceps, strong muscles, broad chest and arms. If your body is fit a simple t shirt will look awesome on you. First, we will understand the length or height of the tee. It should not be too short means while trying any t shirt stretch your hand and body upwards and check, while stretching your stomach should not be seen neither it should be too long meaning it should not cover your crotch area. The t shirt length should end at your groin region. Always try to get short and tight sleeve. It should not be too long or lose if you got such, get them short and tight from your tailor, at the same time it should not be so short which shows you are desperate to show your arms and biceps.

Tip 5:

Always wear t shirt which is tight in upper torso and little lose in lower torso that means part above the chest should be tight and the lower part of your chest should be little lose. Never wear a t-shirt too tight which shows your nipples.

Tip 6:

Neck ring, try to avoid neck ring which is thick and loose. Keep in mind that thick and lose neckline look shabby and childish. If you want to look like a macho always wear t-shirt with thin and tight neck line.

Tip 7:

Which t shirts are staple to your wardrobe? Creating a wardrobe does not mean to spend a lot of money but to have a bare essential tee’s in your cupboard. Like V neck white and black, white round neck t shirt these are essential for men’s clothing which you can pair with jeans and under denim jackets. If we talk about more colors in t shirt then maroon, olive green, mélange grey and navy blue are very versatile colors really elegant in nature.

Tip 8:

T shirt is a casual wear. Never pair your t shirt with formal shoes or semi formal shoes. You can pair flop flops or sneakers with t shirt.

Tip 9:

Watches! Yes matching color lathered strap watches would go absolutely superb with tshirts. Do not pair metallic watches with t shirt. Tshirt’s are very casual wear so if you want to wear for formal occasion then wear plain black or white once and if you want more formal look you can layer this with semi formal jacket.

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